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Send Us Something Like This
  • Any kind of sketch, drawing, or picture will do.
  • Don't know all (or any) of the dimensions? No problem. Send us what you know, we'll take it from there.


We Turn It Into This
  • 3D solid model, accurately built to meet your requirements.
  • These model files can be used in a variety of ways to create 2D images, 3D animations, or to produce actual parts to use for your hobbies or projects.




We are glad to have you here on our new website. Many of you are already familiar with 3D solid modeling, and how the models can be used as a design tool, to create digital images and videos, or to have real life parts manufactured using 3D printing or other fabrication methods. Others are just learning about the capabilities of this type of service, and are looking for more information to see how the products may be beneficial to them. We built this website to hopefully be able to address both types of guests, and of course, those who fall somewhere in between.

We tried to find a fine balance of providing enough content to be informative, without feeling like you are studying for a college final exam. Your feedback on how we can improve this site would be greatly appreciated. If you think we need to expand on some topics, add other topics that we didn’t address, or if you think the current content is not presented well, please let us know.

We have provided a Contact Form on our Contact Us page, or you can email us directly if you need to ask some specific questions about your parts or projects, our services, or any of the industry processes we discuss. Please ask as many questions as you need.

Thanks for visiting Paper-To-Parts.


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