If you only need 3D solid model files (for you to use however you like), you will receive the following products, once the project is completed:


  • STEP AP 203
  • STEP AP 214
  • IGES
  • STL
  • ZPR
  • Solidworks Part
  • Solidworks Assembly
  • Parasolid Part
  • Parasolid Assembly
  • Keyshot


  • JPG
  • Bitmap
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • GIF




Standard Package

Whether you need a single part, several different parts, or a group of parts that need to come together as a completed assembly, we can take your ideas and turn them into 3D solid models. Click "Read More" below to find out more about our Standard Package.

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3D Printing

Have your 3D solid models turned into parts you can hold in your hand. Click "read more" below to find out more about 3D Printing.

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3D Rendering

Use these near photo quality images to dress up your own website, Facebook page, marketing materials, or any number of other ways to show the world your creations. Click "read more" below to find out more about 3D Rendering.

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2D Drawings

Have your parts and assemblies documented with a set of engineering drawings. All the details required to have your parts fabricated and assembled without using 3D data. Click "read more" below to find out more about 2D Drawings.

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Give even more emphasis to your parts by adding animation. Watch the camera fly around your parts to show them from any angle. Watch some of these videos, and you’ll get the idea. Click "read more" below to find out more about Animation.

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Non-Printing 3D Fabrication

If the application of your parts requires that they are machined, or made out of wood, or some other specific material / process that 3D printing will not satisfy, then click "read more" below to find out more about Non-3D Printing Fabrication.

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Motion Simulation

For more complex mechanisms, where the component parts have driven and dependent motion, we can build a motion simulation model to show how the full mechanism operates. Click "read more" below to find out more about Motion Simulation.

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Formal Stress Analysis

Have a formal stress report prepared that documents the load conditions, analysis and stress levels of your parts while under load. Click "read more" below to find out more about Formal Stress Analysis.

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