Terms and Conditions

Paper-To-Parts 3D Solid Modeling Standard Terms and Conditions

Paper-To-Parts 3D Solid Modeling, LLC (“PTP”) has established the following terms and conditions for the benefit of both PTP and the company purchasing these goods and services (“Customer”).

1. All quotes are valid for 30 days unless otherwise specified in writing. Quotes are subject to review upon receipt of finalized engineering data or additional information.

2. Prices quoted are for a complete order, as described on quote, and minimum deliveries necessary to meet quoted delivery schedules. Modified or partial orders must be re-quoted or quoted separately.

3. All prices are in U.S. dollars.

4. All payment terms are as agreed upon on final order acceptance.

5. Acceptance of an order by PTP requires a quotation signed by an authorized representative of PTP, a purchase order from the Customer referencing the terms of our quotation and the quotation number, and receipt of any deposits or materials necessary to commence work. Any conflicts between the quotation and purchase order must be reconciled before acceptance. If PTP is asked to commence work without a hardcopy purchase order, as evidenced by the receipt of a purchase order number, the terms of the order shall be defined solely by PTP’s quotation. Final order acceptance will be indicated by written confirmation from PTP. PTP reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any order even if submitted within the quoted 30 day period.

6. All duties, levies and taxes are extra. Sales or use taxes, excise taxes on transportation, property taxes, and other direct taxes are the Customer’s responsibility, whether such taxes are international, federal, state or local. Customer must provide location (City, State if within the United States; City, Country if outside the United States) at the time of submitting purchase order to PTP, in order to determine proper duties, levies and taxes to be applied to the final invoice. To waive the collection of state sales and other such taxes, the Customer must provide all completed forms and/or certificates that PTP deems necessary.

7. Customer is responsible for providing all materials and verifying the correctness of all data before use in the construction of the 3D CAD solid models. Design and engineering specifications can consist of one or more of the following materials: engineering drawings; CAD files; sketches; and written instructions. If multiple formats are provided to define engineering specifications, PTP may use any of the provided formats for 3D solid model file development and creation, and does not accept responsibility for identifying discrepancies between such formats.

8. All aspects of the part design are the sole responsibility of the Customer. Any technical information provided by PTP is given solely to describe what is offered for Customer consideration, not as a product recommendation. If PTP participates in any facet of the part design, the Customer is still responsible to approve the CAD work or design specifications in writing and take all responsibility for their correctness. Design responsibility includes, but is not limited to, CAD conversions from 2D or 3D wireframe to solids/surfaces, selecting or adding draft to CAD data, material selections, and design changes intended to improve product manufacturability or performance. Informing PTP of a product’s final use does not constitute an understanding that parts will be fit for such use or transfer any design responsibility from the Customer to PTP. PTP is not responsible for including any features or requirements that are not clearly defined by the Customer. All quoted tolerances are modeled to the nominal value, centered within the quoted tolerance range, unless otherwise specified.

9. Work commences immediately upon order acceptance. Any Customer changes to design specifications including but not limited to dimensions, tolerances, materials, coatings or markings introduced after acceptance of an order necessitate additional costs to initiate and normally result in additional charges and extended delivery times.

10. Delivery is subject to confirmation at the time of a complete order (Purchase Order and all materials required to commence work) is received. Quoted lead-times are not final until PTP indicates acceptance of the order with a written confirmation such as our “Delivery Status/Update Notification”.

11. In the event of a Customer directed hold order or delay that exceeds 10 days, PTP may invoice for all work completed prior to the hold order or delay. PTPmay remove an order from its work schedule if it deems that delays are causing undue loss of work from other customers. In the event this becomes necessary, PTP will reschedule deliveries based on its work load at the time. Cancellation of orders are subject to charges for all work completed and expenses incurred prior to the time of notification not to exceed the total price of the order.

12. All shipments are F.O.B. origin.

13. Returns for rework or replacement must be authorized by PTP in writing and notification to do so must be received within 60 calendar days of receipt of the 3D solid model part files. No returns for credit or refund are allowed.

14. All materials supplied by the Customer, and used in development and creation of the 3D solid model files will remain the property of PTP unless otherwise specified in writing.

15. PTP makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this work, either express or implied, except as provided herein, including without limitation, warranties as to marketability, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose of use or non-infringement. This work is produced “as is where is”. These provisions shall apply irrespective of whether or not a sample has been delivered to the customer. PTP shall not be liable for any direct, incidental or consequential damages of any nature, or losses or expenses resulting from the use of the work, nor shall PTP’s liability on any claim from damage arising out of or connected with the manufacture, sale or use of any of its parts ever exceed the price paid therefore.